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Another one Grin

Sodom - Hazy Shade of Winter (Simon & Garfunkel)

(10-19-2015, 02:12 AM)ivanargen Писал(а): [ -> ]25 years ago, Hermética invited us to sing a tango in his recitals.. Cambalache is an Argentine tango composed in 1934 by Enrique Santos Discepolo.. his poetry is always current.. ClappingClappingClapping

(Translated into English)

That the world was and always be filth,
I already know…
In the year five hundred and six
and in the year two thousand too!
There always have been thieves,
traitors and victims of fraud,
happy and bitter people,
valuables and imitations
But, that the twentieth century
is a display
of insolent malice,
nobody can deny it anymore.
We lived sunk in a fuzz
and in the same mud
all well-worn…
Today it happens it is the same
to be decent or a traitor!
To be an ignorant, a genius, a pickpocket,
a generous person or a swindler!
All is the same! Nothing is better!
They are the same, an idiot ass
and a great professor!
There are no failing grades or merit valuations,
the immoral have caught up with us.
If one lives in a pose
and another, in his ambition, steals,
it’s the same if it’s a priest,
a mattress maker, a king of clubs,
a cad or a tramp.

What a lack of respect,
what a way to run over reason!
Anybody is a gentleman!
Anybody is a thief!
Mixed with Stavisky, you have Don Bosco
and La Mignon
don Chicho and Napoleon,
Carnera and San Martin.
Like in the disrespectful window
of the bazaars,
life is mixed up,
and wounded by a sword without rivets
you can see a Bible crying
next to a water heater.

Twentieth century, bazaar
problematic and feverish!
If you don’t cry, you don’t get fed
and if you don’t steal, you’re a stupid.
Go ahead! Keep it up!
That there, in hell
we’re gonna reunite.
Don’t think anymore,
move out of the way.
Nobody seems to care
if you were born honest.
That is the same the one who works,
day and night like an ox,
than the one who lives from the others,
than the one that kills or heals
or the one who lives outside the law.


Yahoo nunca havia visto este video Kiss
Don't know if you guys posted it, but this is such a cool cover

I like more Alphaville's Shout
well...... a pretty good version from a very good italian band Yahoo

DGM - you don't remember, I'll never forget - originally from YNGWYE J. MALMSTEEN

Faith No More with Easy. It still gives me chills to this day
Great Slayer cover by At the Gates
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