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Полная версия: [SOLVED] Not possible to upload pictures
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I am starting to think this has smth to do with adblock+

So what should i copy then? i can't figure it out anymore, tried all of the options when right clicking but no result.
This is getting ridiculous.
To check yourself you need to insert image URl in browser. If you see image then good.
[Изображение: metal_logo_by_impalerwolf-d4jzq5y.jpg]
That is the thing... I see the image when i put the link in google search but i can not see the picture here on the forum myself. Do you see a picture now in here or just a link?
It should show me the picture as well but it just will not work.
I see picture Metal
Ok... now what the fuck did i do different this time then all of the other 1000 times? NOTHING!
This is totally fucking weird shit. Copied it over and over again and now i just tried to open it in a new screen and it all the sudden works...
Ok, will try another one...

[Изображение: Auto_Union_1000_Sp_Garmisch-Partenkirchen_regne.jpg]

Ok, finally got it... have to copy the link to the image first, then open it in a new screen and then copy the link google gives again, then it finally is the right link.
How goddamn complicated it needs to be?

Thanx dimanlev
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