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Полная версия: [SOLVED] Not possible to upload pictures
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I can't upload any pictures/attachments here.
It won't work with insert image where the link is supposed to be inserted.
Neither works with image hosting links.
Why is that?
Describe in detail your actions.
Well, i am looking up a picture on internet, copy the link, then go to insert image and put there the links as copied. Should work right?
I see only the link and not the image.
Here below an example of what i tried to copy paste in insert image.
When trying it with an image hosting program it won't work either.
Doing the same thing, copy link generated by the program but see nothing.
Though when i click it in there it shows the picture, it is only here on the forum it won't show the picture but only the link.
"You must click in Preview Post below in Quick Reply and copy direction of image in INSERT IMAGE" ivanargen told me this, tried that... doesn't work...
how do you create a message? Do you press a button New Reply?
[Изображение: QTc2VRyl.jpg]
[Изображение: QPqTCB3l.jpg]
2 - put image URL
Yeah, those are exactly the steps i follow, but nothing happens.
Try to add image here.
[Изображение: search?q=metal&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X...oO5H_FM%3A]

And... it won't show.
Neither when taking of the http which is there already part or the https or [img] or whatever i tried already.
Send me a link here how you put up a picture and i will see if that will show me a picture.
If not i don't know what else to try yet.
I am no computer geek but i am not an idiot either... it should work the way i put it in here.
Wrong image Url. You need to open the image in a browser. then right-click. copy the address of image
Doesn't work either... copy image link and copy image location when right clicking... nothing.
I see that you do not copy what you need
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