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Hahahah lets continue, they are amazing Laugh1Laugh1Laugh1

Headbangers baaallllll!!!

Laugh1 Don't tell me that you don't know CANINUS Laugh1




Hahahahah Laugh1Laugh1Laugh1Laugh1Laugh1 Now we're talking! First time hearing about them and hatebeak is something else Laugh1Laugh1Laugh1
My mom used to have such a bastard parrot... this grey mtf with a red tail.
Whenever you were eating something he was screaming so fucking loud that people could here him 2 blocks away from our house.
And the best he liked... porkchop... a freaking parrot... or my fingers...
But i managed to learn him to headbang also, that was cool Smile3 whenever i put on some metal he started to headbang that crazy bird.
[Изображение: karbonade.eu_.jpg]

[Изображение: grijze_roodstaart3.jpg]
Hahaha you should have made a metal parrot video with those screams and headbangsLaugh1 Amazing animal, I remember we had a little bird when I was really small but wonder what happened to itLaugh1 They said it flew away but maybe it was dead or sthGrin
(07-08-2015, 11:19 PM)Zakkyliar Писал(а): [ -> ]...... wonder what happened to itLaugh1 They said it flew away but maybe it was dead or sthGrin

Maybe it's gone to a better place...... Laugh1

[Изображение: 1216_z_Preparare_un_perfetto_pollo_arrosto.jpg]
We had that damn bird when i was about 15 so filming was not an option back then... 28 years ago... But a nutcase bird it was. Laugh1
Bastard finger snapping asshole bird.
Haha some birds are really crazy although I wouldnt prefer keeping one Rofl Maybe a hatebeak crossover wouldnt hurt tho Rofl
Only birds i keep are in the freezer, waiting to be fried.
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