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(07-10-2015, 09:44 PM)beernd Писал(а): [ -> ]Only birds i keep are in the freezer, waiting to be fried.

Laugh1 the only good bird is a dead bird Laugh1

[Изображение: dead_bird.jpg]
ahh we have some birds in the freezer that we are gonna cook tomorrow for lunch, mmmmm it's gonna be great and epic Grin
We have many pets in my home : 2 african grey parrots 4 Senegal ones( they really suck -_-) and all types of birds,also 2 dogs(german shepherd + a rottweiler) :p and a cat it's kinda a zoo haha

[Изображение: 1439718520-index2.jpg]

[Изображение: 1439718565-indexk.jpg]

[Изображение: 1439719749-index7.jpg]
I hate this cat with her merrier. Her name is Masha
[Изображение: 11098732_1396837983969585_1286662533_n.jpg]
(08-25-2015, 07:26 PM)EHOT Писал(а): [ -> ]I hate this cat with her merrier. Her name is Masha

...... you hate your cat...... why ?!? is it not a good cat ?!? Grin Laugh1
Nice pose lol, Im all over cats. If i was a woman I would be the crazy cat lady type of thing probably lol! More cats please :P
My 2 year-old mongrel, named Genghis Khan.

[Изображение: A1hi8zK.jpg?1]
Sorry for shitty quality
(08-28-2015, 03:19 PM)Zakkyliar Писал(а): [ -> ]...... If i was a woman......

Laugh1 if I was a woman I would pass all my days touching my boobs all the time Laugh1 anyway...... cool cat and cool dog Grin
Hahaha I would do the same for sure, cant believe how can they resist doing it Rofl
(08-24-2015, 09:59 PM)Absinthia Greenz Писал(а): [ -> ][Изображение: DSCF4893_zpsphfwqar0.jpg]
Morris meat head

A bully!! I have a mini!

[Изображение: tumblr_o5zw7zFGVk1s48y9xo1_1280.jpg]
he is very handsome and egg-headed

I also had a full-sized one who passed away almost a year ago.

[Изображение: tumblr_nw68hqVI3c1s48y9xo2_1280.jpg]

also an egghead, as you can see.
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