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Полная версия: Any metalheads play League of Legends?
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How long have you been playing and what server do you play on? Highest rank you've ever been?
No I dont but played dota 1 back in the time when it was the only thing Rofl other than that tried dota2 hots and watched my cousin play lol but they just arent for me Rofl
I used to play LoL, but stopped more than 2 years ago since I did not have as much time as I did back then, plus I was not seeing my friends that used to play as well, haven't played ranked, but they did, Eu East and Nordic was the server if I remember right.
I like the game pretty well but there are just too many assholes who can't handle playing it and ruin the fun for everybody, haha. I just got ranked in solo queue and you get matched with people who really don't have a grasp on the game at all, now I'm ranked I get matched with people who think they know better than everybody else and it's just as bad. I mostly play Randoms but it all gets kinda boring if you don't play the different modes.
Unfortunately yes lol. I play on NA and I don't have the commitment for ranked, but I've been playing since late season 3. My MMR is somewhere around high silver, but I'm kinda stuck cause I mostly support, and I'm not actually good enough to be a supp main who makes big plays... Good plays, sure, but nothing amazing. Sometimes I mid or ADC, but that's only when I really feel like getting yelled at! I still like the game, but I mostly write about it now instead of playing. So stressful sometimes.