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I have two computers at home now and I have both of them seeding all of my uploads as well as a couple others I downloaded.

However, when I sign into the site from either computer my upload ratio barely moves at all despite the fact that utorrent on both computers shows gigs on each that have been seeded. Not only is the site not catching the credit for seeding my points ratio did the significant drop you get when you stop seeding for a day and instead of the decent size amount of points I get every night I now only get 3-5.

Am I able to seed my torrents from multiple computers or should I stop and stick with just one?

This just started happening 3 days ago. Before that everything was perfect. I just figured now that we have two computers I can help out the community a bit more and provide myself as an extra seed for each torrent to help anyone that wants to download them to get them a bit faster. My utorrent client does show that both of my computers are seeders but the website only shows me once.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Will give out positive ratings to anyone that can point me in the right direction for helping me.

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As an update to this, I can seed from either one or the other and get credit the way it's supposed to but the second both come online things start crashing. I have successfully switched from my wife's computer to mine so at least that is a plus but I could definitely use any advice, still, on whether it is possible or not to seed from both.
Does using two seeds really speed up the process? Because they are using the same network so they are limited by your isp's max speeds. I'm no expert but in the long run it would maybe decrease the time a second or two for the downloaders. So I would do this: create a new torrent whatever is fine and let the initial downloaders get it with one seed, then on another torrent do the same with two pc's on and see if there is a difference worth continuing with two. Because likely you wont get the credit with two seeds and see if using it justifies the loss. Also respect for thinking how to improve your gifts to community.
Wow! Shucks, thanks! And I tested that. I have Cradle Of Filth and Lamb Of God seeding the most right now and in a day I typically upload around 2.5-3.5gb of data. During the day that I had both computers running I was able to seed roughly the same amount on both, doubling my uploaded data. I use an isp that provides phenomenal upload and download speeds so even with kat seeds on both running as well as here I have no limit as to how much will upload on this network.
That is why I was wondering if it could be done... I figure twice as much uploaded means twice as fast download speeds for anyone downloading the torrents I'm seeding which would be amazing. Especially since I have such a fast network instead of an AT&T-like shitty alternative.
I don't want to clone a torrent because not only wouldn't I be allowed to, it would defeat the purpose of downloading the one that said person wants.
In the end the choice comes down to amazing credit for uploading with one computer or amazing seeds for the community and near negative credit.
For now I will seed from just the one computer until we find out if there is a way to seed from both and retain upload credit. I think even if it meant keeping the same amount of average daily points instead of doubling them for the extra seed it would still be worth it to help everyone download waaay faster. Especially if everyone could do this because, guaranteed, most of us have more than one device we can seed from; and if we could, the download speeds on each torrent that's currently alive would be one hell of a boost and great promotion for this site.
We would probably have to find a way to allow, per user, up to "x" amount of devices to use and then update the algorithm to allow for the feedback to be received properly. I don't know how difficult this would be to do but I don't see it being impossible either.
Any ideas anyone?
Actually it shouldnt be a matter of choosing between credits and sharing more. Try PM'ing Che about the issue and I am sure there is a way to reward your extra effort. Too bad here in turkey %95 of households have around 70kb/s upload speed and one of them is me.
Really? Shucks I'm sorry. I had no idea. Why is it so slow over there? And I PMed him to read this post and see what can be done.