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Thanks for the explanation, I'm gonna run a couple more tests now.
Just joined yesterday and had no trouble downloading the torrent
I wanted. Uploaded a torrent but kept getting error messages then
had a message today saying it was rejected and to see the rules.

Followed everything today and it's showing in U-Torrent 2.2 but there's
no download happening. Ticking initial seeding makes no difference and
the peer list shows only 1 which will be me.

Do I just leave things as is and see if the torrent gets approved ?
Yes, if the torrent was approved, It will be public, just wait for an moderator, if you need more help, post here the link of your torrent, and if you still getting trouble contact an administrator (those with green nickname)

Good luck and thanks for uploading!
I was uploading a discography to be seeded but i have added the incorrect .torrent. I assume it will be removed upon being moderated as the file list and content dont match? Or am i just overlooking the "Remove Torrent" button Laugh1
Hey, just got back into this site yesterday. I went to make my own torrent FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME and am having trouble getting it going. I am able to make the torrent and upload it, but when I try to seed it to get it started my Utorrent is just sitting still. I read the instructions and deleted the torrent I made and downloaded the torrent from the tracker, then I try to add it to utorrent and it does nothing. Any idea what I might be doing wrong? The torrent is in the same folder as the original files would be appreciated! Smile3
Anyone know if there is guide to updating existing torrent?   I created an mp3 discography torrent few weeks back but now I found another live cd to add to existing which I have done and updated on my home page. The torrent has been moderated but now just shows as unregistered on the tracker... not sure what I have done wrong

Any help much appreciated

I uploaded a FLAC torrent; my first one.
I mistakenly missed a couple of the rules. Is there a way i can edit my torrent info? I can't seem to find a way.
I can't even delete it and upload a new one.
Can anyone help me out here please?
you can click on left button Edit or Delete , what a problem?
I ripped and uploaded albums tonight, and I just noticed that the last four that have been accepted by moderation received (each of them) a rating of less than one star out of five by someone. I'm pretty irritated cause the guy obviousy didnt bother to download the music, and I'm afraid it might slow down the spread out of these albums.

I've read carefully the FAQ and the Tracker rules, but I found nothing about abusive ranking of posts, does anyone know how to treat that kind of issues?
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