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Maybe you you need Help, not the Rules? Look this:
Alight i downloaded a torrent fully and now it wont seed. Is there special steps to make it seed? i thought you could just let it go after downloading.
ive attempted an upload today, but was rejected and ive no idea why???
alright, follow the steps:

Part 1 - The Search:
first of all, you have to check dublicates of release. go to "Torrents > All Torrents" upboard.
enter the name of your search value, choose release type and put string of type (under request name) "Active with dead", so you can search inactive torrents which can have required value.
note: if your request has widespread name, use point "By band name" under. if you found different result(s) - just like bitrate in lossy (mp3, m4a, etc.) audio, quality in lossy\video, - than that you have, you can create new torrent with your release material (unless it not disallowed by block-share list).

Part 2 - Creation Basics:
infirst, choose a type of presetup\template, basically, you should lean on it, and then enter\edit the values.
for example, prefer single album (basic template) torrent:

category - music (not change);
torrent file - we create him in last move (!!);
band - enter band name. if you have split - write "Various Artists", for more variables - check upload rules;
album name - enter name of release. also if you have different version (like deluxe\special\limited\reissue\remaster\2cd+, or promo\demo\ep\single), you are obliged to point on it right behind the name of release, just like example:

Цитата:band - Beyond Creation
album name (title) - The Aura (Limited Edition)

next, year - choose the release date (in reissue\remastered versions choose correct date of or point on it like step above);
format - choose format (in situation of different type of file(s) or bitrate you had, enter this information in description, or ask a question to moderator\uploader how to do that);
country - choose band country of origin (or they standing now), in case of different values - put it into description like option above;
style(s) - choose wisely, if you do not want that your torrent was downloaded by 2,5 anonymouses only, in other situations - yes, write into description;
cover(s) - in single album release FIRST image must be front cover of an album (if it exist, sometimes doesnt), SECOND - band\performer or any addictional, like logo\backprint (in discographies - vise versa, band photo first).

Part 3 - In The Space Between Mistakes, The Description:
important note: try to not break template, if you dont know how to edit it correctfully, the most widespread mistakes happen exactly here. yeah, and also do not erase russian language part of template, its an international rule on site.

length - enter correct (in form HH:MM:SS) length;
tracklist - just copy the list from your source of release (or grab it from web library, like metal-archives, spirit-of-metal, metalkingdom), otherwise, write by yourself with hands, and edit it, if needed.
from this time remember one thing: you can (but better, must) use one of three forms of presence (check rules about forms) files IN DESCRIPTION and IN RELEASE FOLDER(s), (folders in discographies, actually, also), both lists must be exactly the same form.
will bring example:

Цитата:(folder) 2011 - The Aura (Limited Edition)
(file) 01. No Request For The Corrupted
(file) 02. Coexistence
(file) 03. Chromatic Horizon
(file) 04. Omnipresent Perception
(file) 05. Injustice Revealed
(file) 06. Le Detenteur
(file) 07. The Aura
(file) 08. Social Disabillity
(file) 09. Elevation Path
(file) 10. The Deported
(file) 11. Injustice Revealed (Demo)
(file) cover
(folder) 2014 - Earthborn Evolution

oh, and also, try to put links to listen material underneath all description by other users, they can listen to the material without looking for it somewhere far away (if it exactly possible).

and only after that you can create the torrent-file. again: first, take a care about files, second, create a torrent. warning: different versions of bittorrent clients has different ways to create a torrent-file (say thanks to designers).

Part 4 - Wrong Ways To Start Seeding:
okay, now you create a torrent file. exact him into lane two of creation (uptop of page), for fast way to manage created file, put him on desktop (torrent-file itself should not be in the folder with the distribution, there it is not needed in), and confirm add\edit. one important note: put point onto "save file's structure", do not put "start seeding" one, never if you have web-structured sharing (like torrent-trackers).
then download your torrent-file from torrent page (do not use your created torrent-file again!!!! after creation of torrent on web page you must delete it away), and bring it to distribution.
warning: save the paths to.

example: you created from
PHP код:
D:\\Music\Beyond Creation\2011 The Aura 
 you must put\choose way to a same folder. note to utorrent 3.0+ users: you must choose (in first lane) path to
PHP код:
D:\\Music\Beyond Creation 
 and do not edit second lane (it choose the file name of the folder from when you create torrent-file itself). for old version of uTorrent-users, choose full path (D:\\Music\Beyond Creation\2011 - The Aura).

before adding\standing on sharing, put point on "rehash files" and "start seeding". after program check, use tab "Information" to confirm you have not made any mistakes, and result of progression got full 100% in second (Available) lane. if not - check places whats wrong in tab "Files", not fully checked files prompt what is wrong.

and Part 5 - Typical Reject Reasons:
you created dublicate of release, which has on tracker (not be awarned by moderator),
you make mistakes onto sharing became (not be awarned, - not always, but this is most common reason),
you have mistakes in form of presence of files (BE AWARNED by moderator, so take cares and do not give a fuck about - you try, others cares also),
you created torrent with "unformat" material (not allowed stuff or styles, check rules or ask professional users who will be able to distinguish), now we almost cleaned out the unnecessary. also, asking someone would correct styles of your visions onto band's music (not always, but just listen high level thinking onto situation from other users than bash 'em with rude polemics = you're not "the one" like author).

hope you enjoy this fucking tutorial about "how create the torrent and start seeding", forgot to put this into rules 5 years ago.
Anyone know if I can do this with Free Download Manager? Any other lightweight torrent client?
yes, you can. download, create and share, almost like big bit-torrent programs. some several functions may be different than regular, but, on point, that should be similar.
Well, I tried and failed to share the first Allagash album. Initially, I neglected to point the torrent at the directory where the files are, but even after doing so, the torrent is still disabled by Metal-Tracker. I started to do it again, but got a warning that the torrent already exists.

If anyone wants to upload to upload FLACs of the 2 Allagash albums and 1 EP, then I can share and you can do it.
I'm having problems with uploads. My ratio is still good, but ever since changing torrent clients from uTorrent to qBittorrent I just can't upload like I used to. I used to ratio to 1:100 minimum but now I'm struggling to hit 1:1. I'm hesitant to go back to uTorrent as I found it contained adware that worked with its in app advertisements. Is qBittorrent blacklisted?
Hello, I have a problem to upload a file, not if it is because they are 300 megas but when I have everything on and I give to upload torrent it takes a little while and then it goes black the page, why does this happen?
Hey, I'm having some seeding issues, port is not behaving as expected. netcat and everything else I checked says open, torrent client says closed. and I'm only getting ~100k upload, seeding a couple high demand torrents didn't seem to help.

Anyway I'm working on resolving it. I'm not trying to download and ditch. I really like what I've seen on here so far and thee organization really felicitates exploration I think.

using transmission-daemon 2.94, on suse tumbleweed, confirmed port open in firewalld, and the router, I think it might be an issue with transmission. I'm open to software/configuration suggestions. I want to run this as a service. Thinking about trying rtorrent next, or renting a seedbox if anyone knows a decent one in the 5-10$/month range.
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