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(10-01-2019, 03:13 PM)lydianefert Писал(а): [ -> ]Hello, I have a problem to upload a file, not if it is because they are 300 megas but when I have everything on and I give to upload torrent it takes a little while and then it goes black the page, why does this happen?

i have the same problem
I'm still in trouble. can´t upload a torrent, the page turn black and nothing
Hi, I've moved computers, still have all the data (= downloaded music) but not the torrent files. I tried downloading a .torrent, importing it in deluge, pointing the download directory to where the data resides, et voila - 100%, seeding.

I'd like to seed again, but finding every torrent and doing this procedure would take a day or two. Is there an easy way to synchronize?

Sorry if this does not completely fit the topic, but I couldn't find the "Create New Post" button for the life of me.

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