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Полная версия: My up/down ratios have gone to crap. What's up with that?
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Hey folks,

I find that no one is really downloading from me anymore. I used to have a constant chunk of 'active' torrents, helping people out, but now it's rare that I even get 1 or 2. My ratios are going to shit here. It was not uncommon for me to have a ratio of 10, or even 20 on many torrents. Now I'm struggling just to break even at 1.

And I don't mean I've gone back in the catalogue and started downloading old things that people may not find. This is front page stuff on day one. Tons of downloaders, and yet none of them are connecting to me.

I've not changed a single setting since I started using this site, so I'm pretty confused as to what's going on here. I want to continue being a contributing member and this is pretty discouraging.

Any help or troubleshooting would be appreciated.
Check the config on your torrent client bro, and also check your internet service provider it is posible that something had changed in that period, maybe you can find where the problem is if you upload something and then you try to download it from another device.

Good luck and thanks for seed uncommon material!
It's not you bro. It's just hit or miss right now for me too. The only torrents people are downloading religiously that I am able to seed are Cradle Of Filth and Lamb Of God's new album. Just wait it out. I have some one here been running for months and have a 0.00 ratio but COF is 37.457. Nothing to it. Just snag some commons and help seed that way. That's what I've had to do. I have about 35 of my own but only those two are constant. The others fluctuate.
Could you please check if you have an error on the torrent like "Unregistred torrent"? This happens to me a lot and especially on new torrents from the newsletter and homepage. This hurts the ratio way too much.