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that is one of the biggest problems of the site,i have just 100kbs upload rate and it should be everytime at that point,because i can see that many guys are download stuff that i uploaded,and they send messages to start seeding!!!!!!!
I'm having problems seeding too. I downloaded the highest leeched album to upload a shit tonne but it wont upload at all. Been messing with my settings all damn day.
Trying to seed 2 albums. Left overnight (8-9 hours) & share ratio didn't budge.
Perhaps the albums I downloaded don't have enough peers for seeding?
Trying to do the right thing when I do download.
Same problem here. I m currently seeding 2 files , μtorrent is running and seeding but on my profile says that i have 2 files downloading and 0 seeding!
Maybe administrators can help?
I was having a problem where the tracker was always showing an error.

I switched to a client that allows me to pick the interface and protocol; I disable ipv6 so I am under the assumption my previous torrenting client (Deluge) was preferring ipv6.
Once I switched to qBittorrent client, I was able to seed stuff I've gotten from here.

It's infrequent but much better than the bits I had at a time, before.

Worth experimenting and seeing if that may be your issue, too.
Hey guys I'm having similar issues. Im trying to seed and be a productive and contributing member but even though I have about 10 things I'm seeding, nothing will ever seed. I'll see it at 0.1kbps for a second and then nothing. It's not a leecher count issue, I sorted by most leeched torrent (Gojira discog at the time) and downloaded that so I could seed and it still won't. It seems like it steadily seeds (albeit at a slow rate) while I am leeching as well but will stop when the torrent finishes. I have a torrent open on another tracker for a woefully underseeded album and just this morning it piped up to a 450kbps upload to seed it completely to another user. I am just not able to seed to this tracker.
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