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I'm searching alsaw the band Krzywdy - Czary
Doombringer and Cultes des Ghoules
Mgła, Morowe, Non Opus Dei, Medico Peste, Kły, Massemord
Martwa Aura
(01-13-2016, 03:52 PM)Axel57000 Писал(а): [ -> ]Hello.
I want to discover polish black metal bands

I like bands like Kataxu, Infernum, Graveland, Mgla, Gontyna Kry, Wschod...
Do you have bands for me?

Please, don't say Behemoth etc.
Thanks in advance

Hi !!! My favorite polish bands - Biesy, Odraza, Outre, Czort, and GORYCZ ! ! !
Greetings from Poland!  Pleasantry
I absolutely recommend Hellveto (changed name to Neoheresy), the project of Filip Mrowinski. This band is extremely underrated, but the atmosphere of the tracks is unmatchable.
Archandrja (pagan black metal).

Aūkels (atmospheric black metal).

Evilfeast (atmospheric black metal).

Fornostem (pagan black metal).

Golfaron (pagan black metal).

Grim Sköll (ambient/pagan black metal).

Hellveto (symphonic/pagan black metal).

Hermh (atmospheric black/gothic metal (early), symphonic black metal (later), one album of each era).

Iuvenes (viking/black metal).

Jarun (progressive folk/black metal).

Kres (atmospheric black metal/depressive rock).

Kły (atmospheric black metal).

Mussorgski (black/industrial metal/ambient).

Neoheresy (symphonic/pagan black metal).

Old Leshy (black metal).

Perunica (folk/pagan/black metal).

Pripegal (pagan/black metal).

Sammath Naur (avant-garde black/death metal).

Slavland (pagan black metal).

Stworz (atmospheric/pagan black metal).

Światogor (pagan black metal).

Veles (black metal).

Volfenkreuz (pagan celtic/black metal).

Warmia (black/folk metal).

Wędrujący Wiatr (atmospheric black metal).

Winds of Garden (pagan black metal/ambient).

Zørormr (melodic black metal/dark ambient).
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