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Полная версия: Polish black metal bands
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I want to discover polish black metal bands

I like bands like Kataxu, Infernum, Graveland, Mgla, Gontyna Kry, Wschod...
Do you have bands for me?

Please, don't say Behemoth etc.
Thanks in advance
Furia, Odraza, Szron, Voidhanger, Blaze od Perdition, Plaga, Outre, Kriegsmachine, Evilfeast.
They're different styles, but they're all Polish BM.
Praesepe (originally from Poland). if you want i'll give you a discography.
Lux Occulta
ядовитый черные метал команда
Xantotol, Besatt, Bestial Raids, Infernal War, Thunderbolt.
[Изображение: VdatRfEw_400x400.png]
Do anyone have Nocturnal - Hordes of the Black Circle? Its black metal band from Gliwice
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