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Hello, I'd like to ask if somebody can't upload for me music from these artists, preferably whole discographies + scans:

And I'd like to also ask, if you have this album and you can seed it for me I'd much appreciate it:
'Sup my niggas?

I need Nekrofilth's discography (including splits and singles) and Tetragrammacide - Primal Incinerators of the Moral Matrix

Thanks, and I'll donate 15$ to the tracker if I get the Nekrofilth discography.
Fornicus - Discography 2014 2016

archivos no disponibles... verifiquen, porfavor... expliquen porque sucede esto....

I'm looking for:

Yousei Teikoku - Flamma Idola
Yousei Teikoku - Pax Vesania DVD
Denkare - The whole discography (if it's not possible, the album Carnival The Abyss)

Thank you!
Could anyone please upload Various Artists - Pagan Land

The last two are so great and so touching. Thank you.

Wisdom of Shadows - On the Black Wings by a New War (На Черных Крыльях Новой Войной)
Howling North - Tunge Grå Skyer
Hi guys, I'm looking for the new album by Burning Ground – Last Day of Light (2017).
Thanks if you can share it!
Ohai guys! looking for the two albums of "Animetal - the second"
have a nice day, and thanks in advance :3
I'm looking for Mitch Malloy discography, can anyone help me?

Thx in advance!
Hi guys. I'm looking for Vouïvre's EP "Au Gouffre"
Anyone has this in stock !
Thanks !
Hi! Please somebody, I search the Napalm Raid - Wheel of War ( 2017 ) album in mp3!  Blush
Sorry, I don't speak english very well :/