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Looking for Orion's Void in mp3 (320kbps) please...
(12-10-2014, 12:19 PM)blackme Писал(а): [ -> ]For discographies and single albums request
there is a guy called victor ohllson , can someone find his discography ? can find anything on google , i found his compilation video on youtube but cant find any albums or singles to download or listen 
here's the link :
I cannot seem to find these two in a good 320kbit/s quality. Does anyone know where I could find them?

[Изображение: a0407529998_10.jpg]
The Search + Kingdom of Hate
2015 (new release) 1988 (original album)
Thrash metal

[Изображение: a0651604956_10.jpg]
Soul Harvest  EP
Void Terror
Death metal
United States
ive gotten very bored with myself. any recommendations to bands related to Marilyn Manson?
i need these by My Ticket Home please and thank you

[Изображение: KCkYNoE.jpg][Изображение: ctaHxqD.jpg][Изображение: y8TeSdi.jpg]
aglarond The Last Season
i searched all over the web and didn't find anything :/
echolot ?
Hello everyone. I'm looking for an album called "Breaking the Silence" by the short lived 80's thrash band Executioner. Does anybody have this to share?
Can someone post Professor Emeritus - Take Me To The Gallows? Much appreciated.
Hi i´m looking for Nick helms christmas album "Nick Helm's Single for Christmas" anyone got it?