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(01-01-2018, 04:23 AM)Zedd Писал(а): [ -> ]Hey guys, can somebody upload Kaunis Kuolematon - Palava Maa, please?
(01-01-2018, 03:54 PM)FuneralWolf Писал(а): [ -> ]
(12-29-2017, 06:45 PM)EdgarAllenPoe Писал(а): [ -> ]Anyone have

dISEMBOWELMENT- Transcendence Into the Peripheral (1993) 320 is fine but anything is ok.


Thank you my man. Not sure why it didn't come up in my search.
Spanish Stoner Rock band Mermaid anyone?

Mermaid- From Here To Nowhere (1999)
Mermaid- High Dimension Is The Direction (2002)
Mermaid- Red Led Or Death (2003)
Mermaid- The Charlton Heston EP (2003)

Thanks bros and hos
Anywhere to get the newest Nordlicht/Paysage D'hiver split?
(01-02-2018, 01:26 AM)LuGaL Писал(а): [ -> ]Looking for  please...
Old school death "Viogression" is a solid band, none of their stuff is on the site
Spanish Technical Thrash Metal

Reek- Rubbish Through Your Veins (2012) ep
Reek- Necrogenesis (2014) lp

Thanks bros and hos
Hey there, I was wondering if anyone could get their hands on:
Dream State discography (
Consists of:
- Burn Them Down (Single) - 2015
- Consequences (EP) - 2015
- White Lies (Single) - 2017
- White Lies (EP) - 2017
That last one came out because they signed to UNFD Central: