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(01-06-2018, 11:57 PM)EvDunter Писал(а): [ -> ]Hi everyone.

I'm desperate to find albums from Walk Through Fire, the new Sweden band with members of Abandon..
Can anybody upload "White Moth Black Butterfly - Atone", please?

Hello! Could anyone upload polish black speed metal band called AWZAN? I'm looking for album FOBIA.
Looking for Svavelvinter
Hinter dem Horizont (Deluxe Version) - L'Âme Immortelle
Rwake discography please, my hard drive crashed with all of it and I really miss not having it and far too poor to track it all down now. Thanks!
This work so well last time I thought I give it a go with some more Prog style music.

High Wheel - I'd love a discography of this amazing German Symphonic Prog Band, Here is a brief read up on the band

I'm surprised they are not already here as they are amazing
This is one of their tracks called - Into Voyage

Another band I'd like a discography of is called Abarax

Another German Symphonic Prog Band
Here is one of there tracks called - Crying Of The Whales

Both these bands have a very heavy Pink Floyd influence.

I've really appreciate it if either of these discography's can be sourced.

Thanks in advance
Hello everyone.  I am looking for Single Bullet Theory - Behind Eyes of Hatred or the complete Single Bullet Theory discography.  Any help is much appreciated!
Can you please upload Black Hole - Evil in the Dark (2017)
Looking for Orion's Void in Mp3 (320kbps) format   Please guys, please... with yars i looking for this!