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Hi . I am looking for a discography of the band OM . These guys really rocks . So any help from you guys.
Transilvania > The Night of Nights

I know it's not "metal" per se, but I'm looking for the album discography of Tub Ring. Demo's, compilations, and remixes aren't necessary, but would be an awesome plus.
Alterbeast - Feast

Please! TIA
Majesty (Nausea/Terrorizer, from LA) - Bestial Vomit + Demo II LP

Can anyone help ?
Hey pals, can someone upload Självmord discography​? But the Russians, not the Ukranians, thanks.

Specially looking for Мрак album.

Hey guys,

I stumbled upon an awesome Viking Metal band called "Asathor". These guys are from Austria and they have 2 albums (2008 & 2018) which I can't find anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get the albums from? Digital copy, physical copy, pirated or not. I want to support these guys because they are really very good. 

Thanks in advance!
Has anyone got the Electric Six Discography they could let me have? many thanks in advance :-)