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Requesting the album "Faustian Mass" by the band "Old Wolf".
Hey all!!!

First post here. Looking for two things that seem to elude me:

Gene Simmons Vault Set and a discography of a band called Crunchy (Monty Colvin of Galactic Cowboys side project).

Thanks in advance!

Hello, everyone. I am looking for the discography of Abysmal Growls Of Despair. I can't find it on Meta-tracker.
Hi everyone,

It's not exactly a metal request, but does anyone have FLEETWOOD MAC live 2004 from Boston? Any help would be majorly appreciated.
Hello everyone,

I am searching for Sawlegen - Stories From An Old Empire. Can anybody post it to the tracker? Thanks in advance \m/
Hi there community!!

I here looking for the lastest live record of Paul Gilbert called: pg-30 zepp tokyo 2016.9.26 
I don't know if someone have it or can upload it. I would be so fucking grateful 

Once again thanks so much

Hey guys.

Does anyone have Marchen Station discography?

(12-10-2014, 12:19 PM)blackme Писал(а): [ -> ]For discographies and single albums requests only

can someone upload The Empty Tomb Discography 2009-2010 320mp3 if you can thanks in advanced.
I'm new here, so hi @all

I'll give it a try.
I have Request for "The Bonkers" Discography
It's a swiss Band, former known as "The Chicken Nuggets"

1997: Time to Eat
1999: Tipsy
2001: most wanted promo
2006: Ten
2008: Fight for Glory
2011: The Final Stroke

In Mp3@320

Thanks in Advance