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STRYPER - god damn evil - japan edition

[Изображение: 709512.jpg?3245]

PRIMORDIAL - exile amongs the ruins - limited edition / mediabook

[Изображение: 693214.jpg?5131]

Please......  Grin
If anyone can upload full Kalmankantaja discography. Current one is missing everything after 2015.

It would be amazing if someone could upload Mary's Blood's newest album, Revenant. It came out 4 days ago. The rest of the internet has failed me, and I'm going insane.
hi! can someone upload King Carnage - Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh (2013)
Hey all

Anyone have the below?

Dokken - Return to the east coast DVD/mkv
La Guns - made in milan DVD/mkv

Gene Simmons vault

Thank you
Hey, looking for Oksennus - Kolme Toista, thx [Изображение: icon_twisted.gif]
Hello guys!!!

I am looking for discography of American thrash band KRANKENSTEIN if anyone has this?
Can you please upload this?

They are from Ohio USA

I'm searching for:
Come - Eleven:Eleven

The Loud Family - Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things

Loquillo y Trogloditas - El ritmo del garage

Thanks in advance, greeting from Brazil.
Metallica - 'Death Magnetic' remastered
Hallo alle miteinander

auf der Suche nach The Band Messiah aus der Schweiz in mp3 @ 320