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Gudars Skymning - Mörka Vatten
Gudars Skymning - Dansa Tillbaks Till Din Grav


I am looking to get Sodomizer's discography in either FLAC or 320kbps.

Sodomizer is a blackened from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil playing blackened speed metal with an old school sound. They formed in 1999 and have since released 1 demo, compilations, 3 splits and 3 full-lengths and is currently signed to Horror Records.

The he first two LPS, Tales of the Reaper and The Dead Shall Rise To Kill are the albums of my priority to get.

Thank you.

I am looking for the first two LP's and the 2014 split.

If anybody has them, please upload in FLAC or 320kbps. Thank you.
I'm looking the discography of the Okinawan metal band, ROACH. I have their BREED OF THE SUN album, but haven't seen them in years, and can't find their music anywhere but the iTunes Store... Also, the band Fear From The Hate, if anyone has them.
I am looking for Hibria - Defying the Rules: 10th Anniversary 2014 (Japanese Edition). I have searched it everywhere. couldn't find it. please help. someone upload it please..
Would it be possible for someone to upload the Astrofaes discography? Thanks.
Im looking for the new Rainbow box set called A Light in Black.....5cd +1DVD

It contains a MOR show with COzy POweel
Anyone have the Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas instrumentals bootleg? Been looking for this forever, a guy on youtube uploaded a few tracks but won't upload all of them. Seems like this is hard to find on the internet because of the title.
Hey all, I was looking over Global Thrash Assault site last night and heard some awesome thrash by "Deadly Mosh" but I can't find any of their material to download.

Looking for anything, preferably their discography. Anything is appreciated!