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Any chance of getting the newly released and remastered version of Cobra - Warriors of the Dead or Back From the Dead from Cult Metal Classics label? Thank You!
Hello everyone,
could you help me loading:
- V.A. - No Colours Records Compilation (1996 - 2002)
- Procreation - Incantations Of Demonic Lust For Corpses
- Aasgard (discography)
- Countess (Discography)
- Nervosa (Bra) lossless

thanks in advance for the support
Looking for Kielkropf:   in Mp3 (320kbps) format.
hey all, looking for Screamers discog!
Anyone able to help me with the following albums? Rofl *will adjust as I find more or get help Smile3*

Esker - Patterns of Reprisal
Chaos Theory - Bio Death
Dying Spirit - The Progress of The Regress
Dying Spirit - Uncomfortable Silences
Duality - Duality
Corvus The Crow - Consumed By Flies
Excruciating Thoughts - Archaic
Anyone able to post any of these?

Black Viper - Storming With Vengeance
Blasphemagoatachrist - discography
Carrion Lord - discography
Lobotomized - Norwegian Trash
I search DISEMBOWEL - Plagues and Ancient Rites in 320kbps
ALLAGASH (canada)
PLS anybody,I'm desperate
Help me! Somebody can help me upload album 9 Stories by Alexandra Zerner?
Yahoo Yahoo