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Does anyone have the new Sleep Terror album, El Insomne:

Would be greatly appreciated
Numinous - Bellum in Terris. I have been searching eagerly for this new EP by Numinous. It was released on Northern Heritage about 1½ month ago and I still haven't found it anywhere online. I have been waiting for this release for a long time and I'll buy the vinyl when it is released, but that won't happen for another few months and I would very much like to listen to the songs before then.

[Изображение: 716041.jpg]

Has anyone been able to find or could someone please upload
Haken - L-1VE (DVD) please 

Hi Everybody!

I'm looking for the latest record of Folkodia "Battle of the Milvian Bridge". It's literally impossible find it. there are no torrents, blogs, videos or something beyond two songs from the full lenght.

Thanks for ur wonderful job!
I'm looking for anything by Zebulon. Not the Canadian band... the Swedish band that was formed from the ashes of Desultory when they broke up the first time after Swallow The Snake:

I have Volume One, but battling to find Cape Canaria EP (1999) and the Troubled Ground album (2004)

Huge thanks in advance!

Looking for OverKills wrecking everything live dvd if someone could upload it! many thanks Smile3

I'm looking for double CD      Avatar : feathers and flesh (in his own words)
Does anyone have this?
I have the deluxe edition but can't find the double one.

Mutilated - In Memorian (2013)? 

One Brick Down - Tribalcore Leader      Preferably in FLAC      Please Please Please People can't find it anywhere!!!!!!
anyone got the agony scene discography please