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Hey guys! I request "Tremonti - All I Was B - Sides" It has 2 bonus tracks: "Gone" and "All That I Got"
Another request "Tremonti - A Dying Machine Walmart Exclusive Edition CD" with 2 bonus tracks: "Now Or Never "and "Desolation (Acoustic)"
I've searched everywhere but couldn't found. If some upload these albums, it'd be super awesome. Thanks in advance!
hi . is here any music from fear of god (Switzerland)
american fear of god (dawn crosby is GOD) is in site .

Fear Of God Also Known as F.O.G. . thanks
Hey guys,

Does anyone have any Bad News albums at all?

Either a Disco or just their first Album would be excellent.

Have a humble request for the German band Unheilig discography. Can't seem to find the 2009 remasters especially of their first albums.
from Canada
Album: Emblem
release 2017
Saboter - Architects of Evil

Some one have this?

In youtube is power!!

Band: Saboter Album: Architects of Evil Country: Greece Label: No Remorse Records Tracklist: 1. The Temple of R’lyeh 2. Architects of Evil 3. Rose Red 4. Golden Owl 5. To Glory We March 6. Sword of the Guardian 7. Order of Charity 8. Lamias Call (CD Bonus Track) Lineup: Antonis Vailas - Vocals Chris Tsakiropoulos - Guitars Apostolos Papadimitriou - Guitars Nick Markoutsakis - Bass John Votsis - Drums
Hello Metal Heads!

My request is the "Metallic Bunnys Fast Collection" compilation album, released in 1986.  I think it's just released only on vinyl. If anyone can digitalize please upload this album.
The Album includes "Call her princess" ca.10 minutes long live version by Steeler (Axel Rudi Pell)
The other bands-songs are: Carrie - The Assassin,
                                           Atlain - The Sinner,
                                           Holy Moses - Walpurgis Night,
                                           Fact - Shout or Loud

Thanks, and I wish all the best for the forthcoming holidays
Fellow metalheads, I am looking for the albums Nosferatu and The Golem by instrumental band Hobgoblin. It is my Christmas wish to stay home on this holidays, getting stoned and watching silent horror movies with this soundtrack. Thanks in advance.
Any Ides of Gemini floating around? I have a 7" but can't convert it to digital, I'd appreciate it.
Does anyone have Hanormale Oni Monogatari ? Upload it here if you do. I'd appreciate it.