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I have a request, Blood Feast - Chopped, Sliced and Diced ep.
looking for some all female j-metal.
bandmaid - best female metal band
fategear ,show ya ,mary's blood ,ganglion ,exist trace ,stereopony , scandal.
check them on you tube.
What happened to SkeleToon albums? Can't find any of it.

I have few requests (320Kb mp3 format or lossless please):

Meliah rage - kill to survive (remastered 2018)

Meliah rage - solitary solitude (remastered 2018)

Visitör - visitör (remastered 2017)

Nothing sacred - let us prey (remastered 2014)

Thank you very much
(01-11-2019, 09:55 PM)Rhuna Писал(а): [ -> ]Can you upload Blosse - Nocturne (Full Album) ? It's amazing!!
Setherial - Firestorms (EP) 2013

Swedish Black Metal (1993-present)

I would be super grateful if someone could upload this EP in MP3 320Kbps bit rate.
I just discovered this underrated band and I think they are great.
They should be right up there with the other big black metal bands.
Their older stuff sounds better to me, but the newer stuff is decent too.

[Изображение: cover.php?id_album=267229]
hi everyone ..
these guys are something else,
Human Factor - Let Nature Take Its Course 2018

have a listen:

wish if someone could upload a 320kbps album here
Can somebody please upload the midas touch by 2 years to apocalypse
hi can somebody upload Straw Dogs - We are not Amused Album?
Hi everyone, i'm lookin' for Volbeat live in Telia Parken in any video format. THANKS!!!