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Someone can please upload the EP: MORE MOONGLOW Rock Hard EP, by Avantasia. It comes with a magazine called RockHard.
Can anyone please upload the album " The End of Nothing " by the Band ' Rune '. Thanks
I'm looking for Unbound albums, In Infinity (2000) and Revenge for the Innocent (2004).
Hi guys.

Can someone upload The Anchor - Make It Last EP?
I only found torrents without seeds.

Thanks in advance.
Anyone have this Demo Orion's Void - Demo 2008 in Mp3 (320kbps) format?
Hi! May someone upload Scorpion Child albums?
I couldn't find it anywhere! Thanks in advance!
Please reupload in FLAC Teitanblood - Death.
Hey Guys,

Someone has this Album to upload ?

(Sacrificium - Escaping the Stupor)

Thanks in Advance
Hans Zimmer: Live in Prague (2017) Blu Ray
I don't know the rules of the site as far as requests are concerned.
Could it be possible that some of the administrators or anyone of the site upload the albums "Seed of Life" by Claudio Pietronik and "World in Obscure" by David Valdés? Thank you very much  Pleasantry