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How about the new Manowar EP? "The Final Battle I" ??

it's out all day on iTunes, can't believe hasn't leaked yet...
Hi there!

I am looking for the album called "Who Says You Can't Get High at 95mph" from the band "The Marlboro Men". I would be very grateful for an upload! Smile3

Hi everyone I am looking for Valkiria - 20th Anniversary: Visions of Lost Souls / Kelthanir. I would be very grateful if u have it.
Looking for another obscure underground black metal band from Germany:
so far I only found the 2015 Split and bought it and I like it ... now I'm looking for the rest
Good morning/evening,

I realised that I have posted my request about these releases in the wrong thread.. (Likfärd side if possible, thanks) (non-metal aswell) (whole discography, non-metal)

That's the stuff I'm looking for, still without success. There's literally no information about them!
I beg for help! I'm not fussy and I will always accept everything! I found out a bit too late about these projects and now it's hard to get a ripped .mp3 (I'm not talking about a physical copy...).

is anybody can share Motley Crue (2003-Remasters albums) in Flac ?


can i request bass communion full discography please?
Hello everybody,
I'm looking for the instrumental version of the latest Dream Theater album, "Distance Over Time".
Thanks in advance.
Dealer — Soul Burn, please
Hello All,
Can someone kindly share Mercury Tree Discography including "Cryptic Tree" EP (2018) & "Spidermilk" (2019) album. Thank you!

AC3 Grin