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I am looking for the discography of ASP. It is a gothic metal band from Germany.
I would be very grateful if it can be uploaded in lossless format.
Thank you in advance.
Sisters of Mercy discography
Anyone have the bound in fear albums or EPs?
Please, someone upload Denak 'Grindcore' compilation from 2003:

Hello. Can anybody upload the Hellbringer discography or seed it? Currently there's no seeds. Thanks!
I'm searching the albums:
-Aarmaroth Nathrath : Voice of Hell Legions (Demo-2005-Romania)
-Kagan : Sign from the Sky (EP-2008-Serbia)
-Wolforder : The Art of Fire (Split W/ Stworz-2009-Croatia)
-Draugluin : The Deep Ones (2007-Greece)
-Elivagar : Followers of the Ancient Tales (2007-Germany)

Could someone upload it?
Anyone have the following?

Velvet Trip - Velvet Trip & The Six Moon Skies (nevermind, it's up on Bandcamp now.)
Green Oracle - S/T album
New My Dying Bride Box. Smile3
Tetragrammacide - Third World Esoterrorism compilation please!
Can someone upload Storm of Sorrows - Count the Faceless? I rly rly rly need that album