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  • Dynazty "Sultans of Sin" [Japanese edition, including "Madness" track] [2012]
  • Kaarnekorpi "Rajankävijä" [2018]
Unlucky Morpheus 並行時空の音楽会 (2019)
Fuki Commune Million Scarlets (2019)

thanks in advance!
Been looking for DEAD SUN - THE GRAND CHAMBER for a while now, if anyone has it, an puload would be much appreciated !
NAMEK - goregrind band.... im searching for it! Blush2

I'm really looking for "...Escape into a World of Dreams" by german band "Suffering Souls".
Their old email adress must be rotten, they don't answer.

Thank you.
Looking for this. Lost my CD a couple years ago.

Would appreciate any leads. Thanks.
(12-10-2014, 12:19 PM)blackme Писал(а): [ -> ]For discographies and single albums requests only

I am looking for music by Warning SF. Can you help? 
My Dying Bride - A harvest of dread
Mandatory Death - Clashing of the Swords (2004)
Mobile Deathcamp - Clear and Present Anger (2011)
Invasion - Berserk Artillery Barrage (2002)
Insolence - Vicious Circle (1995)
the band "baalzephon" is completely is a bunch of plagiarized songs.
so i want to actual band of this song:
Spirit of Destruction

the guy probably downloaded this song from metal tracker