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i'm also looking for peter crowley fantasy dream: celtic fantasy vol 2
I would like to request copies of the Wacken 2019 Live Videos off of the Magenta Musik 360 app/web site. Specifically, the Demons and Wizards and Hammerfall shows.

Please! Demons and Wizards and Hammerfall Wacken 2019 video rips, please!
Thanks for sharing.....
Anyone have the new Steel Panther single "Always Gonna Be A Ho"?
Well, I'm listening Death and Black and their subgenres. Drop something so that the oldskulls wouldn't get too heavy.
Hi. I'm looking for the Nightmare (a band for Columbia) album "About to explode".
Area 11 - Modern Synthesis
I'm looking for the Most Precious Blood discography. Found a torrent here but there aren't any seeders. Asked the original uploader if they could reseed.

Either way, I'll seed 5x or dump what I got that anyone's looking for. Thanks!
Looking for two FLAC rips if anyone has these -

MASI - Fire in the Rain (1987)
EYES - Eyes (with vocalist Jeff Scott Soto - 1990

Thank you!
Please, someone upload the Ashes Of Soma discography, it would be really appreciated Sad