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(08-11-2019, 05:06 PM)Luciano Farias Писал(а): [ -> ]Where's the torrent for new Slipknot's album?

I tried to upload it for everyone but it was blocked saying it was banned from being uploaded
Bog of the Infidel, please.
Please, someone upload MORBID DECAPITATION (Canada) "Death Anthems" Compilation ? Thanx in advance.
guys please get MORAY PRINGLE album!!!
It Rocks!!
(08-14-2019, 02:33 AM)MegaFlyer 502 Писал(а): [ -> ]I would like to request copies of the Wacken 2019 Live Videos off of the Magenta Musik 360 app/web site. Specifically, the Demons and Wizards and Hammerfall shows.

Please! Demons and Wizards and Hammerfall Wacken 2019 video rips, please!

I have a rip of the Demons & Wizards stream, but the site here says I can't upload.  I dunno why, cuz my ratio is good.

Looking for the new Black Star Riders - Another State of Grace.
There are tons of magazine and blog reviews for it, so review copies have got to be out there.  Can someone post it if they have it?

[Изображение: 727361505660-cover-zoom.jpg]
Anyone has yet the new Sonata Arctica's album "Talviyö"?
Decision D discography please, thanks in advance
TERRORIZER Live commando / Commanding Europe 2019

Hi, I would like to listen to ' Legend of Victory' by Mesmerizer in Flames (Power-Prog from Colombia).