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Hey Guys,

Been scouring the net for "Märvel" albums "Unleashed", "Thunderblood Heart", and "Warhawks of War".. if you can help me out, that would be great!

I saw "Hadal Express" on here, so maybe there's hope!

Thanks in advance!

Hi guys, can I request DEADLY MOSH - UNITED BY PAIN?
Hey, can I get a bit of Hatchery? I'm looking for the Birth of a Bomb album, although the entire discography would be nice if you can get it.
I prefer 320 or VBR mp3s but I'm not picky.

Does anyone have any P.A.F. (Patent Applied For) Its a band with Pata from X-Japan and NoB from Make-Up.

Im also looking for Daida Laida, another Japanese band with NoB on vocals.
the 3 cd's deluxe edition of Heroes..if anyone has it
id like to request THE ULTIMATE BOX SET OF SAVATAGE......its got everything they ever done and the re- release of streets a rock opera.....thanks will seed after i get this..................and i need HURRICANE cd OVER THE EDGE ................thanks again
will wait a few days to see if its here
id like to request STEFAN ELMGRENS first strike....the ex guitar player from hammerfall..hes got a solo cd out
New Skyforger album called Senprūsija, can we get it on metal trecker?
Hi metalhead, I can't find ian paice's sunflower superjam, you can help me?

thank you at allSmile3[/b]
i guess nobody will fill my request...thats ok i wont be requesting anymore....thanks alot