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(07-08-2015, 01:56 AM)Irithan Писал(а): [ -> ]Looking for Vàli - Skogslandskap Smile3
Well, its folk cathegorized on some sites as metal music but 1st album is uploaded here so maybe there will be chance for getting second one either

unformat - folk
Hey guys! Pls help me to find out the name of the music. Here is the link

You can hear this from 8.00 min and 9.10
Looking for Atropine album by Velvet Cacoon (BM from Portland, OR), at 320 kbps.
Employer, Employee discography. thanks.
I will be very happy if someone upload the two albums of bulgarian band them frequencies thanks a lot!

I would like to have the full discography of the US Raw Black Metal band T.O.M.B

Thanks a lot.
Does anyone have Another Dimension album?

Can somebody please upload new HUMINOITA, "All Is Two" album with high quality?

It's really good progressive / stoner / metal / post-rock album.

I found the album from here but nowdays you can't be sure and I dont trust it:
Ramming Speed discography, preferably 320rip or whatever you got Pleasantry

hi out there, anybody got the first demo by dutch death metalband Adetar called The World Is Damned?
I've been looking a long time for it, but i can't download it anywhere.
If anybody got it, please upload it.
Thanx and greetz Eric Grote