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I'm searching the last demo named "Demo MMXV" by Funeste.

Thanks Smile3
Hi everybody!
Im looking for a Franch aor band "Silence" album :"City (days)" and "City (nights)" from 2012.

Thank you!

I'm searching the only demo "Tsaévarya Vagézaryavtre" by Vagézaryavtre, a french black metal band belonged to the Black Legions.

I'm looking for:

- the only album by Canis Luna " Lux Aeternum"

- and the demo by Brutus (a.k.a. Et Tu Brutus) "Poisioned"

Can somebody helps me?

Thanks by advance.
looking for
Roger Waters - Amused to death 2015 remastered 5.1 channels version
Hello Metal Tracker.

I'm searching for a 2012 album called 'To Pay The Debt of Nature' by Black Crow King.

It seems like there was once a Bandcamp page where one could buy this digitally but it no longer exists so if anyone has this I'd be really grateful of an upload.
Armageddon - Sieg Heil 666 ( The Awekening of the Baphomet's Einsategruppen)
Anyone out there that has the following, in 320.

Axis/Orbit - Haze
Jupiter - Interstellar Chronodrive
Savanah - Deep Shades
Swamp Water - st
The Heavy Minds - Treasure Coast

Thanks Smile3
Does anybody have the new trivium single.......SILENCE IN THE SNOW........if so can you upload it.......and I would like the Japanese version of BRAINSTORM CD METUS MORTIS with all bonus tracks.......thank you verry much
Hi everibody,

I'm looking for:

- the album by Rawkfist: Stories (2007)

- and the album by Lullaby: Lament of a Vampire (2005)

Moreover, I am surprised not to find last album by Fallen Sentinel :The Main Soul April, 2015. Can somebody up it?

Thanks in advance.