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I would like to request the trivium single....silence in the snow......and I need the Japanese version of the brainstorm CD metus mortis.....with the bonus tracks......thanks......
someone pleaseeeeeeeee upload the new cattle decapitation album, the anthropocene extinction!! people in the usa from denver, wichita, iowa, and another location tonight have the album.....
deflorate, other guys from other worlds take a copy 7th august. or you want upconvert version? i dont, lossless limited digipack (if this should - fuck up grammar nazis) only needed to us.
dont screw youself.
Can anyone upload Violentor-maniacs ? ?
Here's the metallum link :
Hello everyone, does anyone by any chance have the music from Against Empire Smile3 i only have a couple of their splits and I am looking for their
The Ones Who Strike The Blows Forget...The Ones Who Bear The Scars Remember
Thieves And Leeches

And also the Legacy demo from hakuja Smile3 thank in advance guys ;)

PS: sorry for my bad english i might have made lots of mistakes but bear with me please haha and too drunk to properly fix them
Hey Guys 'n Gals,

I'm hoping someone could upload the new Fjorsvartnir album Mzoraxc' Forbandelse.

Looking forward seeing it on the tracker and let my ears feast upon the new album of this great artist! Yahoo

edit: has been uploaded
thanks Smile3
Hi, looking for Turisas discography in lossless format, Thanks!
Hey guys i'm searching for some Stoner/Doom/Psych albums, here's the list, i'd be glad if something would appear!!

Spanish Moss - Kelp album
Orcus Chylde
Goya - Obelisk album
The order of the solar temple
Libido Fuzz - We re a heavy psychedelic boogie band album
Rancho Relaxo
Turn me on deadman
Beyond the door
Mr Elevator & The Brain Hotel

thanks so much!!!
wunderknider, special for you: (all time press black key "скачать")

spnshms klp
rcs chld #1 #2
goya-o15 #1 #2
heavy psychedelic boogie band
order of the solar temple #1#2
libido fuzz 15 #1 #2

answers on the other quotes found deep depp typical shit and no music, serious, how many people could find their music with a bandname like a dumb?? step up bandcamp and pay for this.

next time learn russian language and use russian web sites to found what you want. they have many ways to find something, most times through an idiotically filesharing system, but that works.
and don't forget: you must release all that things on the tracker. seriously. not anyone other not find this stuff again if you not user your advantage to distribute.
Hey! Does someone have or know a torrent for Abigail's Ghost new album Black Plastic Sun? Please I'll be thankful for any kind of help Rofl