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I'm searching the full discography of T.O.M.B, an American Raw Black Metal band especially the demo Sacrilegium (2005)
Thanks in advance.
Hey Guys,

I am trying to download but there are no seeds,

If anyone can seed it please,

Thanks Drinks
(08-07-2015, 11:45 AM)abarai Писал(а): [ -> ]Hey Guys,
Thanks Drinks

hey guy Grin

are you so sure that anyone ever reads all the requests and the shit all around that we write here in this thread ?!? Laugh1 I mean...... the idea is very good...... but it becomes useless if no one reads it...... or not...... I don't know...... anyway...... nevermind...... Yahoo
It's just some hope since it has the same setlist from when I saw them Live, even the same order, so hopefully someone nice will read that and help me and not just ignore me
I'm looking discography of Astrofaes
Really looking for the only full album released by Thy Withering Orchard called "Soft Glow of Perishing Cold". I can't find this album anywhere! Please PM me if you have any suggestions!
I'm looking for the album "Karman" by Karman, from 2015. Can anyone help out?
Hi guys
I'm looking for Pisoner - See The Scars album, released a moth ago for Slaney Records.
Hi Im looking for a collection of Dan Swanös old demo stuff...
I know thats there's one on this site but it's not complete.
The Bands/demos Im looking for is:
Stygg Död - Välkommen till Helvetet
Stygg Död - 666 + Våld
Roberts Trallkvart
Arg Varg
Im also looking for
Trimmad Elg - Elg punk
Trimmad Elg - Gruesome Time
Ful Dörrr - and dörr for all
Hi, I am looking for :
Choke The Palm Tree album Hoax released in 2013
Rock Truck full discography