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Hey, usually I hate to ask for favors and everything, but if someone could toss on Sol - Where The Sun Comes To Die (2015) album I'd forever be in your debt. Seriously though, I'd be insurmountably appreciate! If you can't I understand, but it never hurts to ask!


- Dylan Gallus | Metal Mayhem HQ (Creator/Owner)
Hey, I'm looking for Owane's latest release titled "Greatest Hits". If somebody could share this in 320k or FLAC format, that'd be really helpful. my VISA card expired, else I'd have gotten it from bandcamp and uploaded it for you guys. *sad face*

you can find it here:
I'm searching the full discography of Mogh, a iranian Black metal band.
Thanks in advance.
Hi, I am looking for:

Danava Discography ,
Rock Truck full discography,
Choke The Palm Tree album Hoax released in 2013

and any other awesome stoner metal/rock band you can find that have a smiliar sound to Kamchatka

Thanks in advance Smile3
I'm looking for Superhammer - Snakenest [2014], if anyone can find it
I'm looking for a brand new discography of the Japanese Black/Thrash Metal band Sabbat.

Yeah, I know there's already one, but the current one has some pretty low quality albums (Karisma is only 128kbps). And the separate albums currently uploaded have no seeders, so it takes almost literally forever to download them.
I'm searching the full discography of Helgrindr, a french black metal band.

I'm looking for the album: "Human Mutant" and the EP "Carol Anne" from the Belgium band Mystica.

Can anybody help????

I''m searching for Matron Thorn - The Ritual Narcotic
And Darkher - The Kingdom Field

I'm trying to find "Anthems of Carnage" by Combat Noise. If anyone has it to seed or knows where i can find it I would be extremely grateful! \m/ Smile3