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Anybody got ANYTHING by Brazilian grindcore band ROT?
Looking for the last release of Doomshine: The End Is Waiting For (2015)
Thanks in advance for anyone who find and uploads it!
it would be excellent to have the columbian band Asbel discography
Looking for the new Lessdmv album 'Epitaph'............
looking for the following from the classic band Buck-Tick:
-Memento Mori (2009)
-Razzle Dazzle (2010)
-Yume Miru Uchuu (2012)
-Arui wa Anarchy (2014)
also looking for basically any/all of the DVD's that have been released as well. trying to update my current set as it was last updated in/around 2007-2008. PM me if you have any info!
I'm trying to find GYROBRAIN discography. If anyone could share, Thanks!Smile3
Looking for Damian Murdoch Trio-Electric Tentacles (2015)
corrective laborbandcamp crying for you.
Sanzu - Painless ep, pretty please.
Hey looking for Transgressor-Ether For Scapegoat

I would really appreciate it if someone uploads or at least tells me where i can find it. Thanks.