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Yet another request.

I'd like to request The Hill of The Dead from Spider Kickers in .mp3 320kbps.
(08-07-2015, 06:40 PM)abarai Писал(а): [ -> ]It's just some hope since it has the same setlist from when I saw them Live, even the same order, so hopefully someone nice will read that and help me and not just ignore me

look here:

I was looking for Resurrection's Discography, USA death metal band... I would be eternally gratefull! Cheers!!
Meanwhile I've found something else.

I'd alao like to request the first album from Betrayer in mp3 320kbps. There-s already one upload containing the album, but not all songs are in this quality, many are under 256.

Link for album ->
I'd like to request...the Japanese edition of the new REVERENCE cd God's OF WAR.....with 1 bonus track.....320 Mp3.....thanks in advance
I have been stuck at anywhere between 0.0% through 94.8% on all of these discographies and was hoping that someone could either seed them or upload a new torrent for them so that I can finish these downloads. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps!

Looking for FULL Discographies of :

Made Out Of Babies
The Number 12 Looks Like You
The End
Crisis (Karyn Crisis)

And if someone is totally awesome out there, I would like a torrent that holds all of Justin K. Broadrick's side projects :

Head Of David, Scorn, White Static Demon, JKFlesh, Techno Animal, Blood Of Heroes, Council Estate Electronics, Final, Grey Machine, Pale Sketcher, Curse Of The Golden Vampire, God, Ice, The Sidewinder, Solaris BC, Sweet Tooth, Tech Level 2, Youpho, Cylon, J2, Krackhead, Saskwatch, Skinners Black Laboratories, Valley Of Fear, Vitriol, White Viper, Zonal, Fall Of Because, Main, Painkiller

Any of these that are uploaded I will seed the crap out of!

Hello everyone

Please I'am looking for the dvd Fiddler’s Green - 25 Blarney Roses (2015)

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.
(09-29-2015, 02:26 PM)BrutalRainbow Писал(а): [ -> ]Hey looking for Transgressor-Ether For Scapegoat

I would really appreciate it if someone uploads or at least tells me where i can find it. Thanks.

I have it (MP3 - 320kbps). Are you still looking for it?
i'm searching for a few discographys that aren't on the tracker. 1 is by sol asunder.
taste of fear
social overload.
thanks whoever uploads these!!
Hello,please about music new album:Last Sacrament-,,On the Possible Preserved Visual Consciousness in Blindsight'' : thanks in advance