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Hello everyone!

I'm searching for the complete discography of Primitive Man please. Yeah, the band that made Scorn. Please...
I'm looking for Giant - Song (EP)

Not the hard rock band, but a sludgy down-tempo band from NC that now go by Braveyoung
Im wondering if anyone has one or all two albums from Dominion III. Its an Industrial Black Metal from Austria started by Tharen from Dargaard/Amsestigon. Hard to find, especially 320kbs. Found one copy online (original disc) but seller is asking a bit to much haha
Any chance of getting the discography of the band Sloth:

The noise singles aren't really a requirement...
Can someone please upload his discography...Especially "Raise The Curtain"...Thanks
So gutted to see that Labrat -Ruining it for Everyone 2002 is missing Cray
A great sludge / doom / grind / speed metal band.
I mean come on!! with song titles like "Clint Eastwood is hard, innit" & "Two Pigs Fucking" - the metal community is missing out !!
Hi guys, new here and maybe a bit presumptuous asking for a request already, but am looking for a discography

Jagged Edge - Trouble EP (1989)
Jagged Edge - Fuel for your Soul (1990)

This is the Jagged Edge UK Not the RnB band (of course), I did buy theses at one of their gigs but as is with parties in the 90's the best records go missing and really miss these.

Much appreciated and many many thanks in advance
Looking for Disqualia ( Japan ) Single. Came out in december 2015
Behelal - Metamorphosis
Black metal album