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I'm searching for Blood Money discography, they have just 3 releases:

[1985] Metalyzed (Demo)

and this two full lenghts

[1986] Red, Raw and Bleeding!
[1987] Battlescarred

the two albums I founded in the tracker, but none of this are 320kbps.

Please, someone, upload the 3 awesome releases in 320kbps!? ThaaaanksDirolPleasantry
I am looking for any/all albums from the band Stinking Lizaveta. Thank you in advance.
Rabenwolf - Aus alten Zeiten
Rabenwolf - Stethu
Looking for In Clover - Reflections
Anyone know if that Bhavachakra release is available anywhere yet?

hi ,can anyone get any of these 3 albums,

no dice 2 faced
money first investment
sad cafe live

thanks people ,keep a rockin !!

Hails and Horns from Brazil,

I'm looking for all previous EPs from the Swedish band Incarnit,

They have very good songs that isn't on the latest and only album of them.

Thank you so much in advance!
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for Darkness by Oath discographie, someone can help me? Looked in google and did not found any seeders on the files i found...

Thank you!Grin

Does anyone have album "WHERE ANGELS SUFFER : Purgatory" in 320kb/s ?
It seems to be impossible even buy that album anywhere.
I download it alredy, but torrent was not 320 (Even it says so).