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to any worthless requesters:
ai wnat "blauw meh naojh" teh albuom. Naoh,mthfckrs,rghtNOW!!
Still no 320 version of new Lord Vicar album Gates of Flesh?
i have 2
Satanic corpse Morbitorium album.
and Benighted In Sodom Monstrously Beautiful Sorrow.

Just this album:
[Изображение: 565981.jpg?5905]

Even 192 kbs would be appreciated. I'm very curious and want to hear it before buying.
Goat Semen discography
sledgehammer discography
von discography 1992-2015

one last request, then i'll sod off. i'd like an up to date Seges Findere discography, the on on here is very out of date.
Hey guys! I'm looking for the album "River runs red" of Life of Agony
Hey, I'm looking for Enoid discography. Thanks in advance
(05-06-2016, 10:37 PM)DeadGuy Писал(а): [ -> ]Last Chapter- The Living Waters (1998) USA Traditional Doom
Mercy- Mercy (1984) & Mercy- Witchburner (1985) Swedish Traditional Doom
Millarca- Drunstall (1996) (EP) Japanese Traditional Doom
Mirror Of Deception- Foregone (2004) German Traditional Doom
Nemesis- Demos 1983-1984 (1984) & Nemesis- The Day Of Retribution (1984) Swedish Traditional Doom
Oak- Brisingamen (2004) Finnish Traditional Doom
Ritual- Ritual (1986) (EP) Belgian Traditional Doom
Shepherd - Laments (2003) German Traditional Doom
Slow Horse - Slow Horse (1999) & Slow Horse- Slow Horse II (2001) USA Traditional Doom
So Mortal Be- Initiation Into Nothingness (2007) British Traditional Doom
The Hounds of Hasselvander- The Hounds of Hasselvander (2007) USA Traditional Doom
Weird Light- Doomicvs Vobiscvm (2007) French Traditional Doom
Wytchcraft- I Taste Your Fucking Tears of Sorrow (2005) German Traditional Doom

Last Chapter - Discography (1997-2002)
Mercy - (ex-Turbo) - Discography (1980-2007)
Millarca - Discography (1994-1998)
Mirror Of Deception - Discography (1994-2011)
Nemesis - (pre-Candlemass) - Discography (1983-1984)
Oak - Brisingamen (Demo)
Ritual - Discography (EP + Bonus) (1982-2008)
Shepherd - Discography (2003-2004)
Slow Horse - Discography (1999-2001)
So Mortal Be - Initiation Into Nothingness (EP) (2006)
The Hounds Of Hasselvander - Discography (2007-2016)
Weird Light - Doomicvs Vobiscvm (2007)
Wytchcraft - I Taste Your Fucking Tears Of Sorrow (2005)

(05-07-2016, 04:38 AM)DeadGuy Писал(а): [ -> ]Lamented Souls- Echelons Of Decay (2010) Norwegian Traditional Doom

Not exist.

(05-06-2016, 10:37 PM)DeadGuy Писал(а): [ -> ]Reino Ermitano- Brujas Del Mar (2006) Peruvian Traditional Doom

Reino Ermitano - (Reino Ermitaño) - Discography (2003 - 2012)
This is a request for:
Still It Cries - The Lie in Beauty
Still It Cries - A Dedication
Still It Cries - Take Leave

Thank you.