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Hi, Looking for "Shockmachine-Shockmachine 1999" album., Thanks.
Hi All

I'm looking for some album artists:

- Nemesis: The Hills are alive with the sound of metal
- Circle of silence: your own story / the supremacy of time
- the Deep: Premonition

If any can share or tell me where I find, would be great

i'm looking for, The Mentors - discography
Goat Semen - discography
Von - discography 1992-2015
and the complete Seges Findere discography
thank you!
Hi everybody!
Looking for "Metal Safari" discography, thanks
hey guys im looking for the new release from white zombie it came from nyc in flac
i'm looking for the discography of the Japanese band Gargoyle.
Hi guys,

Just a request for Faustcoven (black/doom from Norway). The discography is on here, but there are there are no seeders. I've only found one album from this band & would love to hear more. If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated.
(06-07-2016, 04:51 PM)ventox Писал(а): [ -> ]Hi, Looking for "Shockmachine-Shockmachine 1999" album., Thanks.

Exist: Link
Hi everyone!
I was looking for a Misfits discography Cray can't find it..
Help plz,
Thank you so much for the time
anyone has the new Incipient Chaos album or a rip of the first EP??