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I am looking for the discographys of Alyson Avenue (they have a Nightwish connection) and of the band Broken Bones

one more, Amalie Bruun's solo project and her work with Ex Cops. thanks

one more, the band Killdozer discography please

I'm looking for the discography Astwind Sorry

Ty! Blush
Hello everybody, I've been looking for Takenawa Intrigue's self titled EP. The link to their bandcamp can be found here:
(06-07-2016, 07:44 AM)goatloaf Писал(а): [ -> ]This is a request for:
Still It Cries - The Lie in Beauty
Still It Cries - A Dedication
Still It Cries - Take Leave

Thank you.
Still It Cries - A Dedication and Still It Cries - Take Leave

Good luck and keep seeding!
i'm looking for the Celtic Frost demo called Prototype. thank you. it doesn't seem to exist on this site
Hi All,

Can anyone do a 320 KBPS rip of Lascaille's Shroud - The Roads Leading North (2016) please?

Official Album Link:

Thanks in advance.
Aside from the "Graveyard Ghoul", I am hoping I can add "Abortion Autopsy" to that.
hey, anyone got the new WILDHEARTS live album to upload ??

anyone can get the new Void Omnia album Dying Light..? hails..