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(07-15-2016, 10:52 AM)rockkenroll Писал(а): [ -> ]hey! can someone upload S.H.O.U.T - Satan's Hellraisers Of Underground Terror

Once the torrent is moderated it will be here
Hey guys,

I am looking for John Zorns discography, especially the albums or projects in which he does more grindjazz instead of free jazz. I have found his last three solo albums and his Naked City project and also his Painkiller project. As far as I know he has at least done some collabos with Mike Patton and some other guys which I really would want to hear. Can someone help me find more stuff of Zorn?
Looking for "Bergtatt" by Ulver, the reissue. Thanks
Hello. If someone could please upload the new Stone Animals self titled album, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
Hi there, anybody who owns a copy of Arrival's "An Abstract of Inertia" please? Can anybody upload a genuine 320k mp3 version or a lossless version please?
I hope I'm not asking too much, but anyways, here it go:
Anyone have these 2 albums by Capharnaum IN 320KBPS!?
Reality Only Fantasized
Plague of Spirits
I have both, but none in 320kbps. So, if anyone upload in 320kbps rip, it would be awesome.
Sorry if I'm asking too much bands, you know... Just trying to complete my list lol
Hi everybody,

I am looking for the discography form the band Skeleton of God, can't find them anywhere

And I already requested another album a year ago but someone told me it wasn't available yet so maybe I have more luck this time: In Ruins - The Curse of Decay

Thanks in advance!
I'm looking for Excessum/Orcivus split ep called "The Hidden God". It came out as a 7" vinyl release this year.
Maybe some of you have it in collection and could do a rip?
Thanks in advance
Anyone has Ghoul albums in 320 kbps?