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Massemord - Dux Nobis
Hi, I'm looking for a Death Toll 80k discography. If anyone has just the Harsh Realities album, that would be okay too. Thank you!

they released his new album this week... japanese edition
Greetings, all. Could someone please upload JMP's 'Hollowed-out Planetoid'? Thanks in advance.
Hi! Smile3

I'm searching for Ebony Tears - A Handful of Nothing album, the Japanese version, since on that version is one bonus song (forbidden thoughts).
Or will be good their demo album, which I can't find nowhere. One of the biggest melodeath bands, and can't find that japanese version album.
Please can some one upload Candelabrum - Necrotelepathy. Brilliant raw black metal album. Thanks
Ancestrum - Spells By The Northern Winds
Emma-O - Mechanical
Transcendent Sea - Ballads of Drowning Men. Please upload. Thank you
Anyone have E.S.P Eric Singer Project albums they could upload ??