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Hello !
I'm looking for Evil Lucifera - Lux in Tenebris - Divide et Impera (Ep - 2015) .

Thanks a lot!
Hi guys! Someone could upload Metallica's Grammy Performance ( you know Lady Gaga, Moth into the Flame)? Thanks in advance!
Hey everybody! I hope you are well.

Anyone would happen to have the albuns of "Lost Salt Blood Purges"?

Thanks a lot!

Native Construct - Quiet Wolrd (instrumental)

Hey there! ? If anyone can help me with these albums:
To Turn the Tables (EP) - Kingfisher Sky
Unprecedented The Piano Sessions - Marcela Bovio
Auxilium Vol 1 (EP) - Shattered Skies

thanks in advance ?
Seven Kingdoms - 'Decennium'
released on January 30th,2017
(02-19-2017, 07:57 AM)PDM1980 Писал(а): [ -> ]Seven Kingdoms - 'Decennium'
released on January 30th,2017

but also "in the walls" released on September 1st, 2016  Grin

(01-31-2017, 11:55 PM)tears_of_fire Писал(а): [ -> ]SEVEN KINGDOMS
- in the walls -

[Изображение: 587906.jpg?1448]

- decennium -

[Изображение: 619655.jpg?0357]
Hi, I'm looking for finnish metal band Mokoma - Discography in 320 Kbps.

These are the ones that I have in 320:

Kurimus (2003)
Luihin Ja Ytimiin (2007)
180 Astetta (2012)
Elävien Kirjoihin (2015)


Valu (1999)
Mokoman 120 Päivää (2001)
Tämän Maailman Ruhtinaan Hovi (2004)
Kuoleman Laulukunnaat (2006)
Sydänjuuret (2010)
Varjopuoli (2011)

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
i have a request. Burn the priest - Burn the Priest 1999. not the 2005 remaster but the 1999 version

I'm looking for a doom band, Problem With Dragons [google says that they have 3 albums] but I got no results when I searched them on here.