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Hi guys...
I want to download a discography of THE WHITE BUFFALO
in the search i found one disk only...
i have a request, Roman Kostrzewski - Discography 1995 - 2007
Hello everyone. I'm french and I don't speak Russian, so I'll talk english :

I cannot find The Channeling Void by Sauron, black metal from Poland, does anyone has it ? Sounds very good
Discografia de  Надимач por favor, gracias
Hola me podrian Ayudar Con Este álbum? no lo puedo ENCONTRAR Lado por ningun, el EP Que sacaro Este Año Si Lo Descargue de Bandcamp, Pero Este encuentro no lo. si alguien PUEDE COLABORAR por favor, gracias.
Im searching for this compilation :
[Изображение: 220px-Alphamotherfuckers.jpg]
Featuring, amongst others, Satyricon and Nashville Pussy.
Is it possible for anyone to seed the Obelyskkh Discog?

I have been stuck on 25% for over a week. 

Thanks in advance.

PS I tried messaging the original poster with no reply.
(05-23-2016, 04:38 AM)Maxwolf Писал(а): [ -> ]We really need this album

[Изображение: a1795753721_16.jpg]

Lucid Recess - Alive and Aware
Hey comrades, I was wondering if anyone can upload the new album by Ancst: Furnace. 
It is an awesome atmospheric black metal/crust fusion album available on bandcamp and youtube but nowhere else.

Carach Angren Discography Lossless.
Thanks in advance.