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im looking for the new Bon Jovi live albuns,, anyone can share ?

The are being released for each 2017 show,, if anyone have it please let me know
Has anyone got A Tear Beyond  1st album called Beyond they can upload please
Im Looking for Abstract Rapture Discography if theres any?

I'm looking for a doom/fuzz band called "Stone Troll" album named "Recoil", I'm also still looking for albums by "Problem With Dragons" (Starquake, Demolicion & Atomics). Thanks.
Hello! Can anyone upload Live Between the Earth & Clouds - Antimatter? Thanks ?
Hey guys. I need

Nekrofilth - Discography. I have Devil's Breath and the Nunslaughter split, but I'm missing everything else.

Sacrifphyx - Sacrifphyx [Album]

Holocausto - War Metal Massacre

Stygian Shore - Discography

Thanks in advance. You guys are amazing.
(12-10-2014, 12:19 PM)blackme Писал(а): [ -> ]For discographies and single albums requests only

I'm looking for Magna Carta Cartel's discography.
Coul you help me?
Thank you so much.
(01-31-2017, 11:55 PM)tears_of_fire Писал(а): [ -> ][quote pid='57531' dateline='1481980125']

- CIRITH UNGOL - paradise lost - 2016 edition -


I have a vinyl rip of the 2016 edition. If you still want this let me know.
Warren Zevon Discog in 320k if possible.

I'll seed the fuck out of it.
Dread Sovereign - For Doom The Bell Tolls [320k] or best available.